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Wheat Bran

Wholesale wheat bran suppliers wheat straw wheat bran for animal feed. Bran is a by-product of grain processing.
Bran is used as a feed additive for farm animals and birds: large and small cattle, pigs, horses, etc. They contain easily digested vegetable protein, are widely used in private farms and on farms (including dairy).
The composition includes ground grain shells, the remains of embryos, mill dust.
The food is rich in fiber, differs in vitamin and mineral nutrition.

wheat Bran for Animal Feed
-Application : animal feed additive .

-Form : Flakes/ Powder

-Packing type : in 50 KG net of PP bags ; around 28 Tons in one container 40ft.

-Specification :

Moisture : 10% max.

Crude Protein : 15% min

Crude Ash : 6% min

Crude Fibre : 15% min

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